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Personalized precision medicine for stem cell activation 
Personalized precision medicine for stem cell activation is based on the exclusive unique personalized precise detection of TAA Medical in combination with the aging index system publicized by NCRC of FU to identify the unique characteristics of aging and organ functions and carry out combination therapy with targeted active stem cell factor. It uses the whole-organ stem cell-related anti-aging technology and integrates the customized combination therapy offered by CCFM of US to roll out organ-oriented combination therapies through the storage of autologous living cells, or the collection of high-activity placenta, umbilical cord, dental pulp, amniotic membrane, blood and other stem cells. And the stored autologous living cells can be used continuously for the next 20 years, achieving complete anti-aging, organ repair, and organ age reduction. Thus, it is the best self-derived living cell therapy available now. 
In the process of using stem cells and living stem cell factors for treatment, different cure programs have been formulated based on the clients’ own conditions and health status, and combined with personalized anti-aging therapy, which is scientific, reasonable and safety-oriented to maximize the clinical effect. 
Mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into various tissue cells such as fat, bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, liver, heart muscle, endothelium, etc., under specific in vivo or in vitro induction conditions, and continue to have multi-lineage differentiation potential after continuous passage culture and cryopreservation, thus are ideal seed cells for damaged tissue and organ repair caused by aging and lesions.  
It has strong proliferative capacity and multi-lineage differentiation potential, capable of proliferation and differentiation to produce tons of offspring. 
It has homing ability (targeting - targeting location). Injury signals can stimulate stem cells to migrate and differentiate into damaged organs and tissues which are able to return to lesions to repair damaged cells.
I. Boost skin quality and restore youthful appearance 
Fresh stem cells boost collagen synthesis, repair cells damaged by free radicals, dilute pigmentation and enhance skin elasticity and luster, which will effectively delay skin aging. 
II. Improve the immune system 
Fresh stem cells can effectively enhance metabolism and digestive tract function, improve the quality of sleep and cardiopulmonary function, and adjust and boost the body immunity. 
III. Enhance physical vitality 
The intrinsic regulatory function of fresh stem cells can remarkably relieve fatigue, uplift spirit, and inject the body with double energy and physical strength, especially for burnout constitution. 
IV. Strengthen bones 
Fresh stem cells can reduce fat, enhance the body's resilience, and rejuvenate bones and muscles. Through improving bone function, they improve the body’s flexibility, extensibility, elasticity, durability and shape. 
V. Organ repair 
They improve the repair function of organs and boost their activity; enhance DNA repair enzyme activity, repair damaged cells, and improve functions of organs and tissues; improve the conditions of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 
Organ orientation and type of organ intensive therapy: 
1 Digestive system LPP 
2 Nervous system CNS 
3 Kidney and pressure KID 
4 Immune system IMMUNE 
5 Reproductive system M&FM 
6 Liver LIVER 
7 Endocrine system ENDO 
8 Intestine INTESTINE 
9 Cardiovascular system HB 
10 Bone and muscular system BM