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Mysterious hormones - secrets of youth 
The word Hormone is derived from the Greek language, meaning “to activate”, and is the general term for hormones secreted by the human endocrine system to regulate physiological balance. Hormones are a mysterious substance with 200 varieties, which are independent of and closely related to each other. They are puzzles of people’s youthfulness and balance their health and appearance. 
At the age of 25, hormones start to decline at a rate of 15 percent per decade. 
At the age of 60, women only produce 1/5 hormones of their youth. 
International anti-aging organization tracked and found that women with high concentrations of hormones at the age of 60 look much younger than their low-hormone peers. 
Hormone balancing therapy can achieve youthfulness, and has good effects on cardiovascular health, bone strength, degeneration of body organs, and mental state, which can fundamentally solve the aging problem caused by hormonal imbalance and organ aging. The client can achieve the desired result after undergoing a course of treatment, and a half-year or long-term treatment program is recommended. 
According to the Clinical Guidelines for Hormone Balancing Therapy issued by American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and the Clinical Approval Standards of FDA of United States, hormone balancing therapy adopts an international standard of overall balance of isohormones, combined with the comprehensive conditioning and intervention of liver and intestinal functions that affect hormonal metabolism, to develop personalized prescriptions. Personal blood samples are to be sent to the international standard testing center for authoritative testing. After the testing, the US and Chinese expert joint consultation will be carried out according to the Chinese data standards to provide a complete set of health indicator management plan. Through the four procedures of physical examination, international physician consultation, individualized program and tracking and monitoring, we provide highly reliable age management service for distinguished guests. 
Personalized treatment includes: 

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1. Three-month formula treatment of personalized hormone product (for internal use, external use, and injection) 
2. Comprehensive health assessment and special hormone assessment report 
3. Expert report interpretation and prescription 
4. Service tracking and effect evaluation by expert for multiple times (or once a month) 
Efficacy of hormone balancing therapy 
   1.  Improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, rejuvenate people and enhance memory; 
   2.  Improve appetite and digestion, maintain lean body mass and enhance physical endurance; 
   3.  Enhance sexual desire, postpone menopause and old age, and put people in happy mood; 
   4.  Enhance immunity, build up resistance and improve sub-health condition; 
   5.  Reduce flabby skin, keep skin smooth, keep fit and maintain youthful charm; 
1 STEP special health assessment  
2 STEP blood collection and processing 
3 STEP hormone analysis and test 
4 STEP customized hormonal solution  
5 STEP intervention and treatment 
6 STEP effect tracking 
7 STEP retest and subsequent prescription improvement 
For patients on treatment over 3 months, a second special hormonal analysis test is required, and the formula shall be re-adjusted and evaluated for subsequent use.