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Service network and health education

Service network and health education 
With Shanghai Center as its base, TAA Medical leverages its US, Japanese, French offices and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau partners to establish alliance service agencies or centers across China to roll out standardized services in functional medicine and anti-aging care, providing customers with full lifecycle health management. 
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The alliance service agency or center mainly carries out customer management and health education service and combines the international and domestic backgrounds and medical resources of TAA Medical to provide professional, scientific and reliable functiona
l medicine and precision anti-aging medical services. 
Member club 
TAA life infinity club is an online network service platform that links customers, physicians and health practitioners. Through the platform, physicians provide health management consulting support and services to its customers; health practitioners display their products and health service programs, and complete integrated upstream and downstream services for their customers to achieve a complete match of the service chain; customers can purchase some health programs on their own, receive guidance and assistance from doctors, and obtain standardized management and service support from the Health Management Center. 
The platform is committed to transparent, systematic, standardized and organized management, as well as to protecting the interests of customers, doctors, and health practitioners. 
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On the basis of improving its own health products and services, the platform gradually integrates industry res
ources and caters to various customer needs around the health industry. 
The platform has launched a special channel for health education to provide members with a variety of content and forms of health education and professional training. 
Through local customer service centers and cooperative agencies in various regions, the platform carries out offline activities for customers, doctors and health practitioners, enriching the experience of its members and achieving win-win growth. 
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