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Metabolic & Cardiometabolic Health
Toxic Element Analysis
Adrenocortex Stress Analysis
Hormonal balance
Oxidative Stress Analysis
Immune & Digestive Analysis
Xenoestrogen:Phalates & Parabens Profile (Urine)
Phalates as plasticizers in plastic products and parabens as preservatives in cleaning products are classified as xenoestrogens, which will disturb the endocrine function when entering the body. Various medical literature has pointed out that xenoestrogens are closely related to endometriosis, infertility, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, precocious puberty, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and insufficient sperms.
Analysis items: 6 items in total
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Hippurate HA 
Methylhippurate   MPA 
 Mandelate   MA 
Phenylglycoxylate   PGA 
Nutrient & Toxic Element Analysis (Hair)
Understanding the imbalance, deficiency or excess of nutrient elements and heavy metal poisoning can exert a positive influence on disease prevention and treatment. The concentration of elements in hair can reflect the situation of body tissues. Science has proved that hair analysis is accurate and reliable in determining the long-term content of trace elements in body tissues.
Analysis items:39 items in total
钙Ca  镁Mg  磷P   钾K   钠Na  铬Cr
钴Co  铜Cu  铁Fe  锰Mn  钼Mo  硒Se
锌Zn  硼B   锂Li  锶Sr  硫S   钒V
钙/镁  钙/磷
铝Al  砷s   镉Cd  铅Pb  汞Hg  镍Ni
锑Sb  钡Ba  铍Be  铋Bi  铊Ti  锡Sn
钨W   铀U   钆Gd  镓Ga  锗Ge  钯Pd
铂Pt  铑Rh  铷R   银Ag  碲Te  钍Th 钛Ti