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Consultation referral
International Consultation and Referral
More and more patients with severe diseases have received the help of the world's top experts through international consultations with most accurate treatment plan, philosophy, technology and drugs, which greatly improves the effect of the disease treatment, avoids misdiagnosis and mistreatment, and allows them the maximized value of life and the highest probability of survival. 
TAA has taken the lead to establish the first anti-aging functional medicine clinic in the country, and through close cooperation with international experts such as those from CCFM, it provides customers with real-time comprehensive solutions of functional medicine. At the same time,  TAA Medical established an independent institution, TAA NEXREGIN, in Boston, USA, launched the "Global Medical Express", and opened up green referral channel with the world's top medical centers such as MGH, CCFM, Anderson Cancer Center, and Paris Clinic in France, bringing first-class global medical services to domestic customers, which is an essential reflection of TAA's long-honored philosophy of customer service foremost and its service system of "domestic general hospital clinical diagnosis and treatment + international consultation and referral" under the principle of "true, professional and practical". 
“Global Medical Express” aims to provide “whole-process medical services” to customers across China. And even after patients are referred to international medical institutions for treatment, the real-time medical tracking services and post-treatment services are still available domestically. TAA Medical leverages its own resources to establish strategic cooperation with the top-ranking hospitals in countries and regions including the United States, France, Taiwan, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and Macao, providing one-stop service for global medical treatment encompassing expert teleconsultation, overseas health checkups, medical diagnosis and treatment. 


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