TAA Medical统恩医学


national laboratory of Fudan university

Research project
The project partner of the research team is set up in the  Joint Clinic Center of TAA Medical. The center works closely with the national laboratory of Fudan university to complete sample collection and medical services for clients. 
In addition to establishing a customer service center in Shanghai, the research project has gradually expanded the scope of cooperation and built cooperation mechanisms with health management institutions, anti-aging centers, functional medicine centers and chronic disease management agencies through setting up cooperation institutions throughout the country. It has also completed service chain, established logistics and information network for medical and health management, and carried out in-depth project cooperation through project cooperation, resource sharing and complementary advantages to provide customers with more authentic, scientific and reliable services, and offer further training for clinicians. 
Research content: 
1 Establish a human cell bank suitable for this study to collect target cell samples 

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2 Screen to establish a cytokine and marker system suitable for use in the study 
2 Detect cytokines and markers in the sample 
3 Analyze the relationship between cytokines and markers with aging and different chronic diseases 
NCRC of FU has rolled out its aging project, and carried out project cooperation with various institutions such as anti-aging centers, health management institutions, rehabilitation agencies for the elderly and chronic diseases, and physical examination centers. 
Cooperation process: 
The partner signs the strategic cooperation agreement and establishes a cooperative relationship; 
TAA Medical is responsible for project operation management, unified delivery of sampling boxes and their physical management; 
The partner collects samples according to the standardized requirements and completes the information collection; 
NCRC of FU completes the sample test and issues a test analysis report on the aging related factors; 
Jointly host health conferences, training, education, forums, and other activities related to the project and establish a win-win cooperative mechanism. 
Requirement for partner: 
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Functional medicine centers, anti-aging centers, health management agencies, rehabilitation agenc
ies for the elderly and chronic diseases, and physical examination centers and other institutions that are formally registered and with sound qualificatio
Be able to provide sampling, report interpretation, customer health management, customer health service personnel and workplace as required, and complete customer information collection and sample collection as required; 
Pay testing fees and bear customer service fees; 
Identify with the principle that the customer's health is foremost, and offer professional and scientific space management services to customers with accurate values and concepts; 
Non-local partner that can establish TAA Medical customer service center and project cooperation agency and can successfully carry out business is preferred.