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Founded in 2010, TAA Medical focuses on technical research, academic exchange, project management and customer service in fields of functional medicine and anti-aging medicine.


Relying on Harvard Medical School, Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), National Clinical Research Center for Aging and Medicine Scientific Research Cooperation Unit of Fudan University(NCRC of FU) and other academic institutions and medical groups, TAA Medical specializes in areas including functional medicine, chronic diseases, aging-related degenerative diseases, and anti-aging medicine. Through membership-based health management, consultation & referral, training and technical service outsourcing and collaboration, it conducts environmental toxins and heavy metal detection and treatment, personalized hormonal balance management, customized precision medical services of stem cell activation for organ function degeneration, pain treatment and management, degradation of cognitive function and dysfunction intervention, intestinal health management and immune balance therapy, cancer prevention and rehabilitation, and the management and rehabilitation of three-highs (hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycaemia) and metabolic chronic diseases, so as to provide early health warning for individuals, families, institutions and society as a whole and pursue the greatest value of life. 



 Academic research


TAA is cooperating with the NCRC of FU. It is a sponsor of the scientific research project, Aging and Chronic Disease-Related Cytokines and Markers, undertaken by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Fudan University, which is intended to establish a database of aging-related biological samples by collecting and analyzing individualized biological samples, as well as analyze the correlation between biological cytokines, markers and microecological changes with age and the development of chronic diseases through health-related big data analysis combined with clinical indicators so as to set up a database related to human health. It also targets at formulating a stable and reliable system standard for aging-related cytokines and markers, and promoting their application in clinical practice, so as to establish an aging model system and anti-aging standardization system for Chinese people.


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International Cooperation


TAA NEXREGIN, controlled by TAA, is an independent legal entity registered in Boston, USA, mainly engaged in academic exchanges, expert cooperation, American consultation and referral services of anti-aging and functional medicine. Through close cooperation with the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) affiliated with Harvard Medical School, the BLUM Health Center, New York, and the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM), the company has developed a unique development model for anti-aging medicine and functional medicine in China through international cooperation and rolled out services such as training, physician education, membership, international medical consultation and referral.



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Joint Clinic Center


TAA has established an international joint clinic center for anti-aging functional medicine in Shanghai, which provides real-time online teleconsultation and written consultation for physicians and guests of anti-aging and functional medicine through the simultaneous online consultation of Chinese and American experts. It also offers customers a complete set of anti-aging medical services based on international expert groups, perfecting their health management programs and striving to maximize their health benefits. Meanwhile, online real-time case communication also brings practical gains to clinicians as it improves their basic skills of functional medicine and anti-aging care. 

As the only international anti-aging and functional medicine consultation base in China, the  joint clinic center is not only an internship center and training base for anti-aging functional medical clinicians, but also the best choice to offer most reliable service the for customers.


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Future Development 


As a forerunner in international anti-aging medical technology, TAA Medical has established alliance service agencies or centers across China and set up a number of standardized anti-aging and functional medicine service centers. The service center is the local partner of TAA to provide customers with appropriate health services. Relying on TAA Shanghai consultation center and the strong international and domestic backgrounds and resources, it is able to cater to the needs of customers for high-end precision medicine services in private anti-aging medicine and international referral services. In addition, the local service partner is also the local undertaker of NCRC of FU, providing cooperation and participation in scientific research project to achieve win-win development. 





Historical footprints


In 2009, Yongyin Clinic, the first high-end medical examination clinic in Shanghai;

In 2010, China's first laboratory for functional medicine was established;

In 2012, the first Academic Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine organized by the Chinese Medical Association was held;

              In cooperation with EDMUND CHEN of the United States, hormonal balancing therapy was promoted in China;

In 2015, the first China Anti-aging Medical Summit, namely, the hormone therapy physician training class, was held;

   China's first anti-aging medical magazine Anti-Aging Medicine was issued;

In 2016, the Anti-Aging Medicine Center of Shanghai International Medical Center was established;

In 2018, the Fudan University aging research group was founded and the Shanghai International  Joint Clinic Center was set up.














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